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Natalie MacMaster releases her first solo album in 8 years!

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One of the Maritime provinces most important musical exports and a
superstar in the Celtic music world, Natalie MacMaster has built a career
on electrifying playing and innovative recordings that stretched the world
music genre into contemporary commercial acceptance, selling over 300,000
albums in the process.

With award nominations and wins too numerous to count, honourary
doctorates and several hall of fame inductions, it’s hard to imagine Natalie
doing anything but music. But she has somehow managed to raise a family
of SEVEN children, who along with husband and fellow fiddler Donnell Leahy,
in the past few years captured the imagination of people as a duo, and group
act. But after 8 years without a solo album release, the time arrived when
Natalie wanted to return to the studio to record a new solo album. Sketches
is the result – a fiery collection of traditional tunes and medleys mixed with
new compositions teeming with retrospect and legacy as she looks back on
the journey of life and career that has brought her to the present.
Natalie says, “I have something to say through my fiddle. It’ll be a moment
of joyous appreciation inspired by years of parenting, marriage, life,
friendships, and music. It is a moment during my 47th year of life, my 37th
year of fiddling, my 16th year of marriage, my 13th year of parenting. I have
chosen one of my very favourite musicians to join me, Tim Edey, an absolute
Gem of a player and person.”

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