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Michael Kaeshammer- Boogie On The Blues Highway

Boogie On The Blues Highway is the new DVD Concert Video from
internationally-acclaimed Canadian jazz pianist and singer Michael
Kaeshammer. Captured during a pair of intimate hometown shows at the
Charlie White Theatre on Vancouver Island, the special was broadcast
on PBS stations across the US in March 2020.

Kaeshammer’s unmistakable talent and artistry is showcased through
the performance through a diverse set featuring brand-new songs and
collaborations with some high-profile guests Randy Bachman, Curtis
Salgado, Nicole Sinclair and Colin James.
Loved the world over for his talent on the piano, effortlessly weaving
threads of classical, jazz, blues, boogie-woogie, stride, and pop into a
one-of-a-kind concoction, Michael Kaeshammer began performing club,
theatre, and festival stages throughout Europe in his early teens and has
released 12 full length albums to date.

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