November 19, 2012

Linus Entertainment acquires legendary label Solid Gold Records

Solid Gold Records, one of the most successful independent Canadian labels in the 1980s, with multiple Gold and Platinum albums and a string of Top 10 radio hits, has been acquired by Linus Entertainment.

The Solid Gold catalog includes recordings from such legacy Canadian rock bands as Chilliwack, Headpins and Toronto, whose songs "My Girl Gone, Gone, Gone", "Watcha Gonna Do", "Don't It Make Ya Feel", "Turn It Loud" and “Your Daddy Don’t Know” were radio anthems that tore up Canadian and US charts. The deal also includes publishing for Toronto songs including "Lookin' For Trouble", "Girls Night Out" and "Enough Is Enough", that topped Canadian radio charts and established Solid Gold Records founders Steve Propas and Neill Dixon as legendary record men in Canada.

In the late 1980s the label stopped actively signing new artists. Dixon went on to establish the successful Canadian Music Week Conference while Propas launched Propas Management Corporation (PMC) and became one of the most respected international deal–makers and negotiators, setting up strategic international partnerships for individual labels and brands as well as artists. Propas also revitalized the Solid Gold catalog along with his new partner, music and entertainment lawyer Ed Glinert.

Sadly Propas passed away suddenly on August 2 2011, three short months after his friend, colleague and new partner. Glinert, who passed away in May, was on the Board of Directors of SOCAN and a founder of Casablanca Media Publishing, one of Canada’s largest independent music publishers.

Jennifer Mitchell — co–founder, partner and now President of Casablanca — and Monica Miller, Propas’ spouse and President of PMC, stated of the sale to Linus: "we are pleased that the Solid Gold Records catalog is in the hands of a Canadian company that understands and appreciates the historical importance of these classic Canadian recordings and will ensure they are heard for years to come."

Linus Entertainment is a leading Canadian independent music company whose associated companies include True North Records, The Children’s Group, and IDLA. President Geoff Kulawick stated, "I am proud to be associated with the Solid Gold catalog again. It is bittersweet. Steve gave me my first job in the business at Solid Gold, and was a mentor throughout my career. We talked about this deal many times."

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