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Hall of Fame inductee Bachman announces
new band and album

December 17, 2014   »   The man known as the "architect of Canadian rock n' roll" is forging ahead into 2015 with a brand new project billed simply as Bachman. Joined by a virtuoso rhythm section with Anna Ruddick on bass and Dale Anne Brendon on drums, the trio's debut effort entitled Heavy Blues will be available worldwide on April 15, 2015 through Linus Entertainment.
    Heavy Blues draws from the unlikely trio's love of classic 60s blues rock and emerges with a blistering sound, a fierce and fearless collection of originals. Featuring an enviable list of Bachman's contemporaries including Neil Young, Joe Bonamassa, Robert Randolph and the late Jeff Healey, each musician contributes their signature–style guitar solos blending classic blues and rock with a modern undertone.
    Produced by internationally–acclaimed producer Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, Rush, Led Zeppelin), Heavy Blues marks the rare occasion that Bachman has relinquished the producer reins. "I've known Kevin for many years and watched his producer credits grow to include many rock legends," he explained. "I knew that he could push me past my limit, pull me onto new paths and direct me down new roads. The collaboration, paired with Dale Anne and Anna's musical ferocity, has made this entire project an amazing experience for me."   »

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