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Linus Entertainment partners with legendary Mushroom Records

September 24, 2013   »   Linus Entertainment has recently acquired the rights to the legendary indie Mushroom Records catalogue, allowing long–time unavailable albums from artists including Chilliwack & Doucette to finally be issued in CD and digital formats.
    The initial five long–out–of–print albums from the catalog have been re–mastered with bonus tracks, new liner notes and photographs for release on September 24.
    Chilliwack — Dreams, Dreams, Dreams, Lights From The Valley & Breakdown In Paradise
    In 1977 Chilliwack released the solid Dreams, Dreams, Dreams which contained the hits "Fly At Night", "Baby Blue", "California Girl" and their classic song "Rain–O". In 1978, Lights From The Valley continued with "Arms Of Mary" and the outright rocker "Looking For A Place". Their final Mushroom release "Breakdown In Paradise" brought along yet another classic track "Communication Breakdown", along with "Let It All Begin" and "Trial by Fire".
    Doucette — Mama Let Him Play & The Douce is Loose
    Doucette’s debut album Mama Let Him Play stands as a fine representation of mainstream rock in the late '70s; it is surprisingly consistent and is carried by two strong singles, "Down the Road" and "Mama Let Him Play."

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