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Canadian Brass come in for a Perfect Landing on brand new album

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February 10, 2015   »   Leaders in the chamber music world once only enjoyed by the finest string quartets, Canadian Brass celebrate their latest album Perfect Landing, now available everywhere from Linus Entertainment and Opening Day Entertainment Group. The world's most famous brass ensemble, Canadian Brass routinely meets receptive audiences more typically witnessed in pop culture; this disc represents the 'perfect landing' of the entire Canadian Brass community.
    Canadian Brass has been a formidable force in the world of chamber music since its inception, and routinely meet receptive audiences more typically witnessed in pop culture. Hailed as the "Kings of Brass" by the press, the group singlehandedly established brass as a major influence on the classical music scene in history.
    Co–produced and mastered by four–time GRAMMY Award–winner Dixon Van Winkle, Perfect Landing features three of Luther Henderson's acclaimed interpretations of Bach — "Dixie Bach," "Cool Bach" and "Bebop Bach" — as well as four Spanish culture compositions, diverse but significant contributions to brass repertoire that beautifully demonstrate the emotional power of brass instruments and point the way for future generations of brass players.
    Masters of concert presentations, Canadian Brass have developed a uniquely engaging…   »

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