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Celebrated Family Music Icon Fred Penner Announces “Hear The Music”

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March 6, 2017 (Toronto, ON)   »   3-time Juno Award winning singer-songwriter Fred Penner will release his new star-studded album, Hear The Music, on April 21 via Linus Entertainment. Fred also announces his CD release party will be part of Canadian Music Week, on the 23rd of April at Lula Lounge with tickets onsale now here.

“This album is dedicated to all you 'Fred Heads,' young and old who have travelled with me on this musical journey,” Fred says. “Considering I've been on the road for 45 years, there are now three generations of families who continue to inspire me to make music.”

Fred Heads are a growing phenomenon - Generation Y and millennial hipsters whose early childhood was spent listening to Fred are now showing up as adoring 18 - 35 year old fans at Fred Penner concerts at clubs, colleges and universities. They include many popular new recording artists, a number of which jumped at the chance to work with Fred on Hear The Music. …
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